Digital Learning Center of Budaörs, Hungary

From the Digital Learning Centre in Budapest, an opportunity for children to “Create the international Roma/ Gypsy Flag!”, from any materials. The aim of the program is to provide important information about golden jubilee of the 1st World Roma Congress and about Roma culture in the framework of games and competitions for primary school children (Gypsies and non-Gypsies). Getting to know Gypsy culture can bring Gypsy and non-Gypsy children closer together, thus reducing the distance between Gypsies and the majority society.

Romano Glaszo

The ‘Human Voice Art Group’ is from Hungary. Children are invited to take part in the Gelem, Gelem Lungone Dromenca (“I went, I went a long way”) program, with video, live chat online, music and dance. In the summer hundreds of children will be invited to sing the International Gypsy Anthem together across many EU countries.


The Foundation from Budapest invites groups to perform the International Gypsy Anthem, which has innumerable variations. During each adaptation, the Gypsy bands and performers incorporate a part of their own musical culture into the anthem, which is one of the reasons why the song „Gelem, gelem lungone dromenca” is so beautiful and varied. We want to show this uniqueness and diversity to the world, which at the same time reflects the colorful, diverse culture of the Gypsies living in the world.